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Core Business

Representation of International Companies

We take pride in declaring that we are licensed and approved by government of Qatar to act as a representative for the International companies in assisting their business development.

“QBConsulting” consists of strategic formulation in business development and planning. The services are used by enterprises who need to identify short and long-term goals, get a new idea or venture.

Development of other services is in progress and future services are planned using a network of contacts within the business community worldwide. For example, when developing a business plan or strategy with a client, emerging requirements and/or deficiencies are often identified. Having the capability to offer services such as human resources, marketing and telecommunications will be a unique feature.

Useful Purpose and Benefits

Benefits that “QBConsulting” offers are:

  • fresh perspective on business development point of view.
  • An objective assessment of the situation and help to define possible problems.
  • A critique on how well a business is doing in such areas as strategy, executive compensation, marketing, production, point of sale effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  • A project done commercially viable within the market trend.

A part of our business is providing sponsorship on the basis of agency representation or a Joint Venture arrangement with any foreign companies intending to expand their business interest and operations in Qatar. QBConsulting specialize in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable growth through successful expansion into the local markets of Qatar. QBConsulting helps international companies and helps in sponsoring the companies who are planning to establish locally in Qatar.

We offer a wide range of global business solutions to help the companies succeed in local markets including, business development, market research, feasibility studies, market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, lead generation, partner search, brand development, overseas marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch and trade show support services.

As an agent and/or representative, our representation provides guidance to our foreign associates in their respective field of expertise defined as follows:

  • Application for Pre-qualification& Contractor/Vendor Registration
  • Business Prospective
  • Local Market Pricing Methodology
  • Local Logistic & Facilities Arrangement (Transportation, Warehouse, Accommodation etc.)
  • Company Registration, Business Permit and Governmental Documentations
  • Visa Arrangement

Foreign Investment consultancy

We have represented various joint ventures companies and investors (including foreign investors and domestic investors) and are aware of all challenges faced by them. We have advised and assisted our clients in structuring their management, capitalization and dealing with the issue on controlling right over the business operation and management.

Our services in the field of Foreign Investment covers a wide full range from assistance in market research, quantifying benefit and risks associated with investment policies of the government, foreign invested company formation, establishment of branches and representative office of foreign companies, expanding business of foreign invested company, obtaining business license or investment certificate for investors in Qatar. In many circumstances, our capacity of communicating with the local community and intensive experience of our lawyers have made the local authorities and counter parties more comfortable in reaching agreement, resolving dead lock and have contributed to the success of the client’s business.

QBConsulting is proud to assist clients in negotiation, licensing and post licensing procedures for the establishment and operation of their commercial presence in Qatar.