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Industrial Recycling Services

Industrial Recycling Services

“We have an unparalleled range of services to help your company with all your recycling needs".

Tyre Recycling

QBConsulting deliberated on how we can turn these common problems about tire waste to an extent of eliminating it from landfills. Our mission is to assist our clientele in building successful and sustainable tyre recycling and related businesses.

QBConsulting will provide you with a deep understanding of the complex processes involved in the rubber recycling business and spare you from making costly mistakes others have already made.

Immensely growing economy due to industrial and economic projects intensifies the rapidly sprouting tire demands. As the demands increases, the scenario of waste management caused by tires has become an issue in the landfills. QBConsulting deliberated on how you can turn these common problems about tire waste to an extent of eliminating it from landfills.

Recycling scrap tires does not only give the benefits of having fewer tires in the landfills but it also gives a numerous benefit to the environment. Tires can always be recycled and turned into rubber mulch which can be used as soil additives, playground cover, floor mats in the gym, running tracks, ballistic backdrops for shooting ranges, still mats for horses, synthetic turf and other products which QBConsulting is continuously working towards to develop.

QB Consulting helps eradicate the complications in tire waste in landfills. We seriously take series of actions to achieve optimum results to unravel all kinds of process to help abolish tire waste by using a systematic series of mechanized technology, exceptional knowledge and skills. With our tire recycling equipment and undertakings, we assure a profitable outcome as well low manufacturing cost delivering a good quality service and products.

Electronics Recycling

QBConsulting have the expertise to help you recognize the resale potential of your old industrial equipment and the means to turn it into something of value again.

We help businesses dispose of electronics in a way that's safe, environmentally responsible, and in compliance with government mandates for electronics recycling.

QBConsulting offers a unique service to those interested in pursuing a career in the E-Waste Industry by providing Consulting Services the creation and development to start your own Electronics Recycling Business!

Our Consulting Services offers in-site from starting an electronics recycling business from the ground up, to expanding your existing business. We provide knowledgeable information in the design and installation for automated equipment from air tools, and assembly lines, to the sorting and separation machinery used in processing commodities.

Medical Incineration

Medical waste is seen to have a potential effect to human if improper management of discarding these wastes is done. These wastes may cause to transfer bacteria and other infectious diseases to human, living and non-living things and may destroy the life cycle.

QBConsulting experts work with you to create safe, responsible and customized programs to collect and dispose of your medical waste. We also work to keep your costs down and to remain compliant with safety regulations.

The main aims of medical incineration are:

  • minimizing risk for personnel, general public and environment
  • minimizing the amounts of waste being generated
  • providing for segregation and separation of wastes
  • designation of deposit areas in the wards
  • establishment of safe routes for the transportation of the waste
  • establishment of a safe and proper area for the temporary storage
  • proper waste treatment and disposal

Under the framework of the Basel Convention on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal “Technical Guidelines on the environmentally sound management of biomedical and health-care waste” have been published. It is strongly advised to use and apply these guidelines which provide detailed information on the hazards of health-care waste, safe management of health-care waste, the proper segregation and collection of wastes as well as treatment and disposal methods and capacity building.

We are reshaping and enlarging the waste treatment choices available to you, to help you meet both your business objectives and your environmental ones.

Waste Management offers the full complement of medical waste disposal services, including advanced autoclave and high-combustion incineration technologies.

We are dedicated to environmental protection and helping ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy a clean, healthy and sustainable planet.