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Core Business

Project Dilemmas

Most business conditions face major changes dramatically in different facets of business. In the global competitive environment, enterprises as business systems can survive in the long term by permanently improving their business. Usually, Organizations have limited resources and they face hard conditions; but they can significantly improve their business results if they manage their operations better by implementing realistic strategies and proper business planning and foresight.

The new challenges require a thorough innovation of management in general, including Operations Management as management of their own business operations. Generally, Operations Management(OM)can be defined as a “synergetic entity of the design, operations, and improvement of the internal and external organizational, technical, informational, resources, and other systems that create product and service combinations in any type of enterprise”. But in theory and business practice, we can find different approaches to research on Operations Management and different definitions of Operations Management.

Therefore, the main interest-based and science-based dilemmas of modern Operations Management include the questions of how to more holistically define Operations Management and how to more holistically understand different definitions of OM.

We see a possible solution to these dilemmas in a requisitely holistic consideration of the simultaneous existence of different understanding of Operations Management for different purposes.