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Product Consultancy

QBConsulting offers customers consultative support and a wealth of commercial experience across multiple industry sectors.

Our services include:

  • Optimizing material selection, including assistance with material replacement.
  • Formulating cost reduction strategies for your business.
  • Advice on sustainability initiatives.
  • Material reviews to ensure peak performance.
  • Providing material quality assurance.
  • Advising how to prevent premature product failure.
  • Performing failure analysis on existing products.

Material Selection

Our experts can help you with material selection to reduce the risk of product failure by:

  • Selecting the most appropriate material for your application.
  • Reducing the likelihood of product failure.
  • Improving product performance and quality .

QBConsulting has been providing independent material selection services for over 10 years. We specialize in providing comprehensive reviews of material options and work with customers across a wide range of industry sectors including automotive, customer goods, industrial, medical and transport.

Material Specification

Our experts are here to provide guidance on material specification requirements. QBConsulting offers this as a stand-alone service or one which can be supported by independent analysis of material properties.

Designing to ensure product reliability is critical to businesses in part due to the increasing importance of:

  • Environmental concerns.
  • Certification in order to become approved suppliers.
  • An awareness of quality costs.
  • Product liability claims.

Processing Support

We help clients achieve high quality, cost-effective production processes and end-products.

Our services are designed to support clients throughout the production process; from assisting with material selection, improving product and process performance as well as optimizing existing production.

Should products or processes fail, we can also diagnose problems to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and optimize quality.

Process Auditing

QBConsulting provides an independent process auditing and review service.

Benefit from our extensive practical experience in material processing, by using QBConsulting for an independent assessment of your existing manufacturing process.

Our Process Audit service involves:

  • Site visit, to evaluate the whole manufacturing process.
  • Discussion around any problems/issues you may have.
  • Study of processing equipment, work methods and procedures.

A comprehensive report will then be provided giving these observations and highlighting both good points and areas that could be improved.

Manufacturing Validation

An independent evaluation of your existing manufacturing process can help uncover a range of issues and areas of improvement, including cost-saving opportunities.

Our analysis will give you actionable insight from world-leading experts. Our team of consultants and technologists draw on many years' experience across different companies and industries, involving numerous products and processes. Commercial awareness combined with a full-service understanding of business lifecycles and the supply chain ensures that suggestions are realistic, actionable and effective.

A report will then be provided giving the observations and highlighting both the good points and areas that could be improved.

We offer independent audits of the manufacturing process and compound preparation to provide clients with valuable feedback on how they can improve.

Product Life Prediction

We can help you to reduce the risk of premature failure of the output material or product over the course of its intended use by assisting companies with aging and life prediction studies.

There are a number of factors which influence the life span of a product, component or material, which is why many companies choose to outsource for an expert review of their product.

Over the years, QBConsulting has developed a reliable portfolio to enable us to make accurate life predictions for different materials.

Product Failure Analysis

We provide comprehensive support for product and material failure starting from failure prevention to failure diagnosis and root cause identification.

To reduce the likelihood of product failure, designers and engineers need to understand:

  • The fundamental nature of material.
  • The specific limitations of the specific material chosen for their project.
  • Failure modes of the material, including consideration for the intended end-use environment of the product or component.

QBConsulting provides consultative insight - supported by materials testing and analysis - to identify the root cause of failures. We also offer support with corrective analysis and can conduct a hazard analysis and identify any critical control points.