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Core Business

Business Crisis Management

When a company faces an unforeseen crisis, billions of dollars in market value can hang in the balance. By helping clients prepare for the unexpected and respond quickly when trouble arises, QBConsulting ultimately protects a company’s reputation and its permission to operate.

In every engagement, QBConsulting aims to achieve six critical objectives:

  • Protect the brand, valuation and reputation of the company or organization
  • Demonstrate command of a situation through active communications
  • Engage with stakeholders to maintain credibility and strengthen relationships
  • Reduce legal and/or political consequences
  • Ensure business continuity

QBConsulting helps clients prepare for a variety of situations that have the potential to threaten enterprise value, reputation or business continuity. Each engagement begins with a disciplined discovery process to identify preparedness gaps and apply best practices and the real-world insights of QBConsulting practitioners. This enables prioritization of specific client preparedness needs, which may include:

  • Situation assessment
  • Scenario planning
  • Crisis communications management plan
  • Communications mobilization
  • Training and testing

When a crisis or issue does arise QBConsulting provides tailored rapid response execution support along with analysis and counsel through dynamic situations. We manage immediate crises and formulate rigorous contingency plans to ensure that clients are prepared to deal with other developments. QBConsulting can customize the type and level of support and guidance during a crisis to meet the client’s needs, from baseline to comprehensive support.

  • Financial / business Crisis?
  • Business is giving Stress?
  • No Reports or Financial information on time?
  • Difficulty in Restructuring your existing debt?
  • Unable to recover dues from the market?
  • Unable to decide area for cost cutting?
  • Unable to procure material at best price?
  • Operational Feasibility study is issue?

If your Answer is “YES” to the above , then you need our services.